Workshops and Seminars

We are happy to design courses that fit your specific
requirements. Examples of such courses have been:

  • Introduction to NLP
  • NLP in Business
  • Improve Your Relationships Through Emotional Intelligence
  • Figuring Out People
  • Introduction to Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Presentation Skills for Lecturers
  • The Leader Within (Leadership)
  • Coaching Skills
  • Change Management
  • EQi (Emotional Intelligence) Assessments.

Some Of Our Most Popular Workshops and Seminars

We are happy to design bespoke events in all areas.

Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

with Dirk Bansch

A two day workshop exploring the impact of Emotional Intelligence on our private and professional  life – and how to improve it.

Unconscious Bias Awareness

with Dirk Bansch

A one-day workshop that helps us to recognise what we don’t realise: our unconscious biases and how they impact our decisions and relationships.

Powerful Presentations

with Dirk Bansch

A one-day introduction on how to become a more powerful presenter. The two-day version includes coaching and video feedback on your presentations.

Modern People Management

with Dirk Bansch

A one- or two-day event on modern people management. Drawing on concepts from Emotional Intelligence, New Work, Systems Theory and Common Sense, this workshops gives you the tools and the attitude to be a more effective people manager.

Business Knigge - Modern Etiquette

with Dr. Gitta Brüschke and Dirk Bansch

Being ourselves in the professional world, where there are so many expectations about certain behaviours, manners and cultural code-switching is sometimes not easy. After this workshop, it will be!

Figuring Out People

with Dirk Bansch

When we interact with people, the most frustrating part is often why they react in different ways than we expect them to. In this workshop we will figure out how to turn the frustration into fascination and learn how to be more influential in our communication.

Locations: York, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham, London, Germany, France, Turkey

Dear Dirk

I attended the ANLP conference this weekend and it was my first time at any such event. On the Sunday, we took your workshop and that has changed my perspective on the whole thing. I was probably the only person in your workshop with no experience of NLP or kinesiology, but you managed to make it interesting, fun, and even more importantly, easy to understand.

Your workshop made my whole weekend worthwhile (when you spoke in NLP language, you explained what you meant!). I just wanted to say thank you for making it such a wonderful experience for me – I found the kinesiology fascinating and is something I hope to pursue further.

Elli G, London

Dear Dirk

Thank you for your session at the ANLP conference. I have been using your swaying backwards and forwards technique virtually every day, to see which vitamin pills I should be taking, what dose etc etc. It’s brilliant. If I’m driving I use the thumbnail technique, which also works well (I find it best not to sway around in the car!). So all in all I think I took away more from your session than any of the others. So thank you again.

Shirley J., Notthingham

Dear Dirk,

I really enjoyed your workshop at the ANLP Conference, it was enlightening. I’ve already started trying the techniques on a few people.

My partner would have liked to have come. If you do any similar talks in London again please can you let me know?

Warmest wishes.

Lisa H, MD, London