Coach Yourself To Confidence

Aims: This hands-on, interactive seminar which includes many immediately applicable techniques, inspiring ideas and fun exercises will allow you to strengthen your confidence, expand your comfort zone and create new positive habits. It is well established that most people’s self-esteem and self-confidence nosedives during their school years. We will be exploring the impact of emotions on our confidence levels and how take more control of them by becoming more emotionally intelligent.

It is important to realise that in the 21st century, the traditionally female qualities of self-awareness, empathy, listening, social skills, etc. are an asset and need to be seen as an advantage, not a detriment. According to Daniel Goleman (Author of the book: Emotional Intelligence (1996)) ‘For leadership positions, emotional intelligence competencies account for up to 85% of what sets apart outstanding managers from the average.’

Content: We will be exploring how and why we sometimes feel less confident than we would like to, and we will discover ways to have more control over our feelings and reactions. The confidence triad of emotions, self-talk, and posture will be covered, and we will also learn about our self-image, our limiting beliefs and the skill of learned optimism. We are not born with a lack of confidence, we learn it through our experiences. In this seminar, we will coach ourselves how to take back control.

Teaching method: The event is delivered in a mix of presentations, individual and group exercises and discussions.

Duration: 2 day seminar or 3 hour keynote.

What People Say

Thank you once again for a great workshop. It really helped to clear things in my mind and led me to some important realisations. And of course I now have the tools to develop even more confidence!

Dr. Anna A., Biochemist

Thank you very much for the great course last week. I really enjoyed it a lot. At a time of job-seeking it is hard to keep always a positive attitude but this course really inspired me regarding my future plans.

Dr. Thuva T., Pharmacist

Thanks again for the inspiring workshop. “Coach yourself to confidence” came at a personally difficult time and gave me the courage to focus more on my needs and my goals.

Dr. Malda D., Psychologist

Locations: York, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham, London