What People Say

Philip A, Consultant, london

Dirk is without doubt one of the most impressive and effective trainers I have worked with. Innovative, challenging, motivational and extremely personable, he made the intense learning experience embarked upon by my Team and I both compelling and a pleasure to participate in throughout. He has a rare ability to make all feel at ease, especially when working outside of comfort zones and what’s more, his techniques actually work superbly outside of the classroom. I commend him and his talents without reservation or hesitation.

Magdalene S, Team Leader, London, Emotional Intelligence

I came away from “Improve your relationships using Emotional Intelligence” training with Dirk and I am more determined to develop my understanding further. Dirk imparted his knowledge and experiences with great humor and nimble skill. Our perceptions were challenged, further opening our “logical minds” to the probability that all is not what it seems upon first glance and that its not all about the way people treat us and sometimes we need to consider the way we react or over react. I would recommend training with Dirk if you truly want to make a positive change in your life and those you care for and love. The future is brighter with a little Dirk in the mix.

Kate J, HR Director, HR Consultancy, Harrogate, Assessment Centre

Dirk has a thorough understanding of management recruitment, assessment centres, training, development and coaching. He has worked as a Consultant for our company and I was impressed by his quick grasp of the requirements, his sound decision making ability and the way in which he quickly built credible and professional relationships with our clients. I would recommend Dirk unhesitatingly and will be using his services again in the future. He is reliable and a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Julia P, Chemist, Frankfurt / Germany, Coach Yourself To Confidence

The two training days with Dirk were very inspiring. He imparted his knowledge and experiences with a great sense of humour. To conclude, he was the best trainer I’ve met.

Kasia M, HR Manager, Nottingham, People Management Training

We hired Dirk to provide a training course on man-management. I found Dirk to be extremely knowledgeable. The format of the training was ideal for me as we kept changing topics which kept my interest and we had a various activities to complete along the way.

I would highly recommend Dirk and am already implementing the techniques we were taught. This has been the most beneficial training I have completed since university.

Rebecca W, Head of PR, Charity, London, Management Training

Dirk has had such an impact on the working practices of both individuals and the organisation, it is without doubt that he has been my best consultant find this year.

Dirk’s ability to clearly and effectively communicate helps people relax and feel at ease during his training sessions. He is the upmost professional – whilst been super flexible, and he is always willing to go the extra mile.

The training techniques dirk uses, not only empowers people in the work – but in all aspects of their life.

Truly inspirational


Andy P, University Lecturer, York, Motivational Speech

Dirk had the second year undergraduate group he addressed eating out of his hand. They have been enthusiastically talking about his visit since and I have had several requests from the students for more input from him.

Dr. Anna A, Biologist, Greece

Dirk employs a diverse approach to coach professionals and help them reach personal and career goals. During a 2-day workshop in Frankfurt, he provided many insightful tools in an interactive and fun manner. I look forward to using many of these techniques in the future. Highly recommended!

Monique M, Sales Director, South Africa

It was amazing, thank you for all the useful information! I will be able to apply it in my own life and use it to assist my sales team.

Ross B, Director, Wetherby, People Management Essentials

I thought the course was absolutely brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It gave me a lot of very useful tools to take away and build on. Dirk, was very engaging and he clearly knows his stuff. In my opinion, he delivers the session with the perfect tone and the attention to detail by relating a subject matter or theory back to our business unit made it relatable.

I came away feeling confident that i’m doing a good job, I’m doing the right things and that I’m in control. My approach to difficult challenges in the future will be very different.


Emma F, Charity, London, People Management Training

Tuesday’s training was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all – thank you again!


Helen S, Senior Project Manager, Somerset, Breakthrough Day

Just a short note to say thanks for all the training. It’s made quite a difference in my life. Thank you for your encouragement and making me realise I actually do have more potential than I give myself credit for.

Julia K, Senior Vice President, Consultancy, Munich

Danke für Deine Coaching Unterstützung in 2021! Du warst mir eine grosse Hilfe auf dem Weg zum SVP – dafür bin ich sehr dankbar!

Michelle H, L&D Manager, Charity, Reading, Emotional Intelligence Espresso Session

Dirk Bansch delivered the best espresso shot session so far. He delivered his learning approaches in a very engaging, empathic and inclusive way. The fact that he did so while making people laugh and also interacting with attendees made it even better.

There were plenty of things to think about. The techniques he suggested could instantly be applied to reduce stress in the workplace and to assist with creating a positive mindset. Colleagues were queuing up for his business card after the Kings Hill session. With good reason – he was superb. Dirk should definitely be invited back to do a full day course.

Tanya W, Customer Service Team Leader, York, Customer Service Training

Firstly, thank you so much for yesterday, I was buzzing last night and really enjoyed working with you. There are so many things which I have taken on board from yesterday. It really was such a good day and I look forward to hearing from you when you get a moment.

Matthew R, Senior Council Officer, Halifax, Emotional Intelligence Speech

Congratulations on the Building Ambition event – all of the feedback has been fantastic – many people have commented specifically about how impressed they were with you and the energy you brought to the event – I hope you enjoyed yourself and that we get to work together with you again on something similar in the not too distant future.


Shakira C, Registered Nurse, London

Thank you so much for delivering such a great workshop. I really enjoyed it and learned so much.

Chris T, Finance Director, New to Leadership series

Thanks again for what I have learned over these sessions. It has been a very positive experience and I have taken a lot from it.

Naziya S, Team Leader, London, Personal Impact Training

Delivery was smooth and respectful, each person was allowed to put forward their opinion without judgement.

Sean M, Managing Partner, Manchester, Team Building Training

I am writing to thank you for the part you played in making our conference so successful. The exercises which you designed had exactly the right impact on the group as a whole and everybody I have spoken to has been very positive about the whole experience.
In addition, you were very flexible in your approach and gathered some very valuable feedback which will help us to manage our business more effectively.

On top of that, we all had some fun!


Pam J, Client Relationship Manager, Edinburgh, Presentation Skills Training

Thank you for a fabulous training session. I liked your extremely professional, relaxed, knowledgeable and friendly approach to the day. A very satisfying and enjoyable session and time well spent. Many thanks.



Rhoda P, Employment Advisor, NHS, London

Thank you for a great and interactive training on EI today, it was really good.


Brian A, Senior Manager, UKTI, Manchester, Exporting Consulting

Dirk is a skilled trainer with whom I have worked number of times over the past three years. I have visited overseas markets with Dirk and his company, and have seen glowing testimonials from companies where he has provided training courses at the highest levels. I have no hesitation in recommending him or his company.

Sean M, Senior Partner, Investment Bank, Liverpool, Team Building Training

Dirk has delivered 2 workshops and received great feedback from my normally sceptical colleagues. His training his highly effective and relevant.

Dirk took care to establish exactly what our requirements for the course were prior to delivery; he also adapted his programme to meet our needs on the day ensuring that we got the best from the training. Excellent course and trainer!


Pearl P, Executive Assistant, London

Thank you so much for a very interesting training session yesterday!


Banji A, NHS

Thank you for the fantastic session!



Sonia B, Training Consultant, Rotterdam / The Netherlands, Customer Service Training

Dirk is a masterful communicator which he proved by facilitating several successful training events for GE in the netherlands on how to deliver customer service excellence. The feedback from all the events he delivered was excellent.


Dr. Roger K, Osteopath, Buderim / Australia, NLP Practitioner Course

Dirk was my trainer when i attended a practitioner course in NLP. He is a superb NLP trainer and has been my coach ever since. What he taught me has had a dramatic effect upon my ability to communicate and to improve my outcomes. Dirk is of the highest integrity, extremely intelligent, great fun and a wonderful friend to have. I recommend you look no further if ever you want an NLP training.


Joanne A, Care Coordinator, NHS

Thank you for delivering the Emotional Intelligence workshop.
I really enjoyed it & learnt some new useful skills, that I will be using for myself, family & friends.
I will also be implementing when working with patients.

Rebecca S, Director, Charity, London, One-to-One Coaching session

Dirk completely helped me overcome anxiety with regards to a blood disorder I have.

Okey A, Inclusion Officer, London

It was great meeting you last Thursday, and thanks for a fantastic session – well presented and received.


Alireza S, Senior Manager, Logistics company, Tehran / Iran, One-to-One Coaching Session

I had a training session with my company  in Bahrain, the training called The Leader Within, which was very informative and practical. Dirk was one of the instructors (of two), who conducted the training in two parts- each part was 4 days, I could not attend at the second part and Dirk provided coaching sessions to me over Skype. It was really really helpful. I should say that Dirk took care to develop exactly what I needed for my job and is a highly skilled trainer with an excellent style of teaching, enabling me to thoroughly understand the concepts of that valuable training.



Pervin T, NLP Master Pracitioner, Ankara / Turkey, NLP Practitioner Training

Upon the training of Mr. Dirk Bansch, I believe I have solved a major problem holding me back all the time, which saved my joyful life. I have benefited from all the techniques he provided and taught and all the energy he submitted. I would like to thank him for his sincere and helpful attitudes.


Aytac U, Managing Director, Ankara / Turkey, NLP Training

I have attended the Master Practitioner training course given by Mr. Dirk Bansch in Ankara. I should say that with his energetic, lively and helpful approach, I learnt a wide range of fast and highly effective NLP techniques which enabled me to be more aware of my abilities and opened my eyes into a world of magic! Also, I gained flexibility in many areas of life, as did all other participants. Furthermore, just after the course, I started to facilitate lives of many beloved ones through eliminating their concerns, problems, phobias and even allergy.

I benefited from the training of Dirk Bansch so much that I would suggest everybody taste this experience of perfect NLP training.



Serkuthan N, NLP Master Practitioner, Istanbul / Turkey, NLP Master Practitioner Course

I have profoundly benefited from the training provided by Mr. Dirk Bansch in Ankara/Turkey. I would like to thank him for his sincerity, flexibility and professional techniques. I believe he is a perfect trainer.

Fiona D, Consultant, Civil Service, Belfast

The training was delivered with professionalism and to a high standard. You tailored the content to suit our needs following some pre-event discussion with me and i am happy that our training objectives were met. 

Many of my colleagues have taken time to provide me with very positive feedback about how much they enjoyed the training and how beneficial it will be in their workplace. The interactive nature of the training was especially appreciated and stimulated much thought and discussion. 

Andrew S, Head of HR, Chesterfield, Team Building Training

Fantastic day yesterday, everyone is walking on air this morning.
Full of positive energy.
Credit to Dirk.


Neslihan G, NLP Trainer, MA Social Sciences, Porto / Portugal, NLP Master Practitioner Coaching

Dear Dirk,

Thank you very much for coming into our world to fire off all the changes that everybody has always dreamt.

We love you!




Jackie W, Senior Researcher, Science Laboratory, Hull, Team Building Training

May we say how much we enjoyed the course we attended last month.

Dirk made an excellent job of catering to our training needs, and all of us have made a great deal of use of the knowledge he imparted.

Thank you very much for a most rewarding day.


Jane W, Team Leader, Estate & Park Management, York, Management Training

I am writing to thank you for all the help you gave me over the past 12 months. The monthly workshops were informative and really useful and I will miss the interaction with the other students. Also I appreciated the individual sections as they kept me on track and I definitely felt that time was no object.

The course has built up my confidence as a team leader and helped me recognise that I already had the basic skills but they just needed fine-tuning. The knowledge I have gained and the tips I have learned are being put to good use and the team at Escrick feel we are working together better as a team.

Our next venture is to enter a competition to gain a national training award. We are doing this as a team and I have got other team members involved. So watch this space!

The course was well worth the time and effort and i would recommend it to anyone who is looking for management training.

Thank you once again!

Elvan A, Business Trainer, Coach, Bodrum / Turkey, NLP Master Practitioner Course

It was more than pleasure for me to be Dirk’s paddawan. I didn’t only enjoy each and every moment of assisting him during his training, but also took the best I could get from having him as a good friend who is awesome company.

Dirk has taught me a lot more than I expected to learn. When I think about other participants, all I can remember is their envy and respect mixed with a huge curiosity I could see on their faces. He generously served us his knowledge in a plate of cheer and joy with a perfection which still guides me through my career of being a trainer and coach.

I’m extremely happy to model Dirk’s professional skills and I keep smiling when I sometimes realise myself showing his manners on stage and recieve questions from the participants asking if I had been trained by the Teutonic school. I learned how to dig the fun out of a training program while sticking to the plan from him.

I’m sure about any person who gets to know Dirk Bansch will do anything to keep this Jedi master in his/her life for the rest of the time, because that’s definitely what I am doing.


Phil J, Director, Consultancy, Manchester, CV Optimisation

As a professional contractor, having a CV which can stand out from the crowd enough to get you the all important interview is vital. My CV had been through several peer reviews and had been reviewed by professional CV writers, but with little success. Although my CV was striking a chord with job agencies, it wasn’t making the vital breakthrough with potential employers for interviews.

A mutual friend suggested I get Dirk to review my CV, and the results were astonishing. Dirk had a quick look through and made some suggestions for a few simple changes. I made the changes he’d suggested, with the intention of working more with him to get the CV even better. But I didn’t get the chance!

Within a week of registering my new CV I had had over a dozen calls from agencies wanting to submit my CV to potential employers. The first role my CV was submitted for resulted in an interview, and I was successful in securing the contract.

I have nothing but praise for Dirk’s ability. He spots the simple but effective things which make all the difference. The results speak for themselves.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dirk – he can make a real difference to your prospects.



Alissa D, Office Manager, NHS, Essex, Advanced Communication Skills Training

The organisation I work for has now hired Dirk on numerous occasions to deliver training for myself and my colleagues. Every session he has delivered has been fantastic. The training day that I helped to organise was delivered perfectly to my specification and the office staff couldn’t stop raving about it – hence my boss felt the need to bring him back for 3 days!

He was brilliant at tailoring the day to our specific needs and we all found the days he worked with us incredibly useful. His training has hugely improved the way we communicate as an office and many of the techniques and theory he has taught us has helped in many other areas of my communication as well. A great experience all round.

I hope we can have him back to further practice and perfect the concepts he has introduced us to. I would recommend him (and do!) to anyone.



"The Speedman" Dr. John La Tourrette, Kahuna Master Trainer, NLP Trainer

I’ve just spent the last 6 days with a great trainer, Dirk Bansch. He is very knowledgeable and a spectacular trainer in his field. Dirk is an NLP Trainer, focusing on Business Training and I recommend him very highly. He can do and teach what he says he can – He actually teaches people the REAL Drills to get the skills.

Location: York, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham, London, UK, Turkey, Germany, United States