Breakthrough Days

Tired of being locked in to a long-term coaching contract?

Want results now?

Want to work with an international authority in the field of behavioural change?

Choose Breakthrough Coaching, a new way of dealing with your most pressing challenges at work. You send us a wish list of issues you want to work on and we will design a one-to-one day to help you work on them intensively.

Typical issues might be:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Relationship issues
  • Leadership challenges
  • Finding and clearing limiting beliefs
  • Developing work-life balance
  • and even fear of picking up the phone

Breakthrough Coaching is usually delivered as a one day session with a follow up day about 6 weeks later to chart the progress of the coaching.

NB: this is not therapy, but a very powerful way to learn the tools to make breakthroughs in your life. We don’t diagnose or treat “mental illness,” and we don’t prescribe drugs. We educate people about how to change themselves for the better.

What People Say

Upon the training of Mr. Dirk Bansch, I believe I have solved a major problem holding me back all the time, which saved my joyful life. I have benefited from all the techniques he provided and taught and al the energy he submitted. I would like to thank him for his sincere and helpful attitudes.

Pervin T, NLP Master Pracitioner, Turkey

Thanks to Dirk BANSCH and NLP, I have achieved the most successful and perfect performance of my life through both psychological and physical aspects and I beat my competitor.

I am sure I will be the world champion. No way out.

Muhammed C, Professional Kickboxer, Turkey

I just wanted to thank you for your help with my presentation and for the text that you sent me on the day. It went well and my director was really pleased with how it went. I used the relaxation tips which you went through with us before the talk and it definitely helped to calm my nerves. Thanks again!

Jodie D, Student

Locations: York, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham, London